Who we are

Madi and Nathan, two Hyper Team members at Hyper 2016

The Hyper Series is a City of Swan based arts program of large and small scale events and activities organised by a group of young volunteers and supported by a full-time program coordinator employed by the City.

Program areas

 There are three main program areas:

  • HyperFest – An annual large scale music festival held in Midland.
  • HyperVision – An annual visual art exhibition and competition held in Midland.
  • Hyper Miniseries – Smaller scale music events held around the City of Swan.

In 2014 the Series includes visual arts and smaller music events, as well as mentoring and training opportunities for the Hyper Team.


The Hyper Series exists to support youth development through music and other contemporary arts events.


 For young people to have access to music and other contemporary arts experiences held in the City of Swan.


 Youth, ages 12 to 25 years.


  • Engage and involve a diverse group of young people from a range of communities
  • Increase the skills, opportunities and capacity of young people to be involved in culture and arts
  • Be 'youth-led' — provide a forum for youth leadership and mentoring
  • Create ongoing collaboration between young people and other networks —including city, community, business and arts organisations
  • Be a major celebration of youth culture that is owned, planned and run by young people

The Hyper Series is the only major scale youth led program of its kind in Western Australia, and HyperFest is the largest all ages (12+), drug, smoke and alcohol free music festival in the state.


  • Build attendance and subscription across the Series
  • Increase our sponsorship base and regain triple j support
  • Diversify our marketing campaign and increase effectiveness
  • Increase opportunities for Hyper Team


The Hyper Series began operating in the City of Swan in 2002 based on a previous youth engagement model called Rip It Up, a partnership between the Shire of Mundaring, Town of Bassendean and the City of Swan. Initially created to deliver HyperFest, the Series has grown and gone from strength to strength, attracting more participants, expanding its product range and successfully delivering numerous art and culture events.


The program has won a variety of awards including:

  • 2009 National Award for Local Government for Community Capacity Building - Youth Engagement Award
  • 2009 Australia Council Young and Emerging Artist Award - Young Emerging Artist Award

Hyper is run by young people for young people, and if you would like to hear more about these projects or find out about the many opportunities for young people to get involved, check out the Get Involved page!