This is a step by step guide for how to invoice someone for payment as a band. Click here to download our example invoice(DOCX, 17KB) and follow this link to access a statement by supplier form.


1. Who are you? 

Invoices need to be 'from' one legal entity. The entity invoicing has to match the ABN on the invoice (if you have one) and the name on the bank account to be paid. You will most often either be invoicing under the name of one person in the band or the band name itself.

As above, all highlighted fields must be the same entity. If you have an ABN, you can check what name it is under using ABN Lookup.

I can't stress this enough. Double check. Is the NAME, ABN NAME and BANK ACCOUNT NAME all the same? Good.

1.a. What if I don't have an ABN?

That's fine! You can submit a statement by supplier form (sometimes referred to as a 'hobby form') along with your invoice. Most musicians select "made in the course or furtherance of an activity done as a private recreational pursuit or hobby".

You can also register for an ABN, but make sure this is going to work with the rest of your invoice, i.e. if you have an ABN with your band name, you'll also need a bank account with your band name so it matches up.

2. Who are you invoicing?

You'll need the business name and address of the entity you are invoicing.

3. What are you invoicing for?

Put the purpose of the invoice in the description field. For example, "Band name performance at HyperFest, 29 March 2015"

4. How much are you invoicing for? What about GST?

Enter your fee into the amount field. You can check whether you registered your ABN for GST using ABN Lookup. In most cases you won't need to, as you only need to register for GST if your turnover exceeds $75,000 per year.

5. Submit

Submit your invoice. If submitting via email, a read receipt is a good way to ensure your email has been received.

Note that some businesses, City of Swan included, have up to 30 days processing time for invoices. This is largely due to the volume of invoices received and the approval process for payments. You can submit an invoice for a performance before the performance date to speed up the process.


Below are two completed example invoices - one with an ABN, the other without. The invoice without an ABN has a statement by supplier form attached.



Statement by supplier (individual)