Peace out!

COVID updates 2022

All attendees at 2022 events must provide proof of vaccination (double dose) as outlined in the current WA Government directions. All attendees will be required to check-in using the app upon arrival at the festival.

Masks may be required, TBC.

What is Hyper?

Hyper is a drug, smoke, and alcohol-free festival for all ages. Hyper combines the best national and local music with a variety of food trucks, market stalls and fun activities to keep you entertained all day.

Can I go if I’m under 18/over 18?

Yes. Anybody can go, but an adult must accompany children under 12. You don’t need ID at the gate. Generally our audience is 12-25 year old young people.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are only $20/25 and are available here

There's door sales?

Yes, if we don't sell out beforehand.

I've bought a ticket and it hasn't arrived, or I want to change the name on the ticket. How?

Get in touch with Oztix and they'll help you out. https://www.oztix.com.au/customer-support

Is there a cloak room?

Yes, there will be a cloak room on the day.

Why are tickets so cheap?

Hyper is lucky enough to have some great sponsors and partners that help lower the costs of production.

We would like to thank City of Swan, Drug Aware and Healthway for their support of the event in 2022.

I've never been to a festival and my mum is worried. What do I tell her?

Hyper has a huge team of crowd controllers, youth workers, crowd carers, first aiders and paramedics on site all day. We've run the event for 15 years and have a ton of experience putting on safe, fun, friendly gigs for young people. You can even ask one of our friendly City of Swan youth workers to walk you to the train station afterwards if you like!

Can I get a discount?

Unfortunately Hyper does not offer concession prices or discounts. We're cheap enough already!

Is there a bar?

Hyper is an alcohol-free festival, meaning there is no bar inside the venue, and we will not let you in if we suspect you may be drunk. Hyper also reserves the right to confiscate any alcohol we find on your person at the gate.

Can I bring in outside food?

Please do not bring in outside food. We provide a large variety of food options inside the venue, including vegan options. Unopened and empty bottles of water are fine.

Can I leave and come back in?

Hyper has a no pass-out rule, meaning you cannot leave the venue once you have been scanned through.

Can I smoke in the festival?

There is no smoking inside the festival, and we ask that you not smoke within 5m of the festival gates for the comfort and health of all patrons. All bags are checked on the way in and no smoking paraphernalia will be allowed inside the festival.

How can I be a staff member?

When Hyper announces its line-up, we offer the opportunity for people to volunteer for the day of the festival. You can apply here. If you can’t find the application form, we may have already closed applications for the year.

If you are interested in becoming a staff member that helps put the entire festival together throughout the year, please apply to be a Hyper Team member for more information and the application process.

Do you have paid staff positions for the day?

Hyper is almost entirely run by volunteers, including the staff members that help put the festival together during the year. We do not offer paid positions for the day of the festival.

Is there EFTPOS?

All vendors on site have EFTPOS facilities available. There's no ATM machine on site.

Are the tickets transferable?

Yes. We don’t mind whose name the tickets name is under, as long as you have a valid ticket to enter!

I applied to be a volunteer/team member. Why haven’t I heard back yet?

We have received your application and it is currently being processed. Most of our staff are also volunteers and only work once a week, including the person responsible for volunteers. Please be patient and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

It will help to make sure you have checked your junk folder. If you have any problems that require an immediate response, please email simon.oleary@swan.wa.gov.au

How can I/my band apply for Hyper?

Applications to play at Hyper 2022 have now closed.

How do I meet the bands?

We have a signing tent at the event!